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More Clients • More Income • Less Stress

A proven formula that will set you free

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Just imagine ...

√ Recapturing at least 10 hours a week to get more done - or just go home earlier ...
Building a practice that runs systematically and reliably - even when you are not there ...
Knowing how to get it all done without working more hours ...
Feeling secure taking time away knowing the wheels won't come off your practice ...
Working with clients you really like who actually want to pay you what you're worth
Living the life you thought you were getting when you chose the law as your profession

When you don't have to accept ...

Always feeling behind
The stress, the overwhelm
Never, ever being able to escape
The never-ending stream of emails, text messages notifications, and alerts
The unpredictable revenue stream
Missing out on family time - again

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Well, you're not alone... and there IS a better way!

Follow a proven formula - that actually works

Even the best lawyers need to learn how to run a law business.
We'll show you the strategies you didn't learn in law school or in any CLE so you can:

Get more done in less time - and with less stress
Generate clients on demand - the ones who will pay you what you are worth
Build a team that will keep your practice going while you vacation
Create the life you thought you were getting when you became a lawyer

With exactly the support you need - when you need it

The most successful business professionals have a support team of coaches and experts to guide them.
If you are tired of cookie-cutter or big group programs that promise individual attention you might be ready for:

Your own plan - custom-tailored to your specific needs

Practical and proven strategies tools, and resources

Accountability and support to make the changes stick for the long haul

A guide who will tell you the truth when you need to hear it and show you the way

More Clients

Attract the clients you love working for - and who love you back

More Time & Less Stress

Escape the Rat Race
Do Less & Have Fun Again

More Profit in Your Pocket

Bring in More Money
Keep Expenses in Line
Build the Future you Wat

By attorneys for attorneys

Doug Brown, J.D.

Doug Brown, J.D. is the Chief Learning Officer at Summit Success, LLC. He is an executive coach, law practice consultant, and growth strategist. He speaks to audiences on marketing, leadership, and business transformation to increase profits and performance.

An authority implementing profitable change, his experience includes private and in-house legal practice and business marketing, sales, human resources, finance, and information technology. He also served as chief executive of the Connecticut Bar Association and chief operating officer for a chain of fine jewelry stores.

As Program Chair and Professor in the MBA Program for The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business at Post University, he designed and delivered MBA programs in leadership, entrepreneurship, finance, and innovation specifically for experienced executives 

He is a Book Yourself Solid® Certified Coach and his business insights have been featured in publications such as The Chicago Tribune, Inc. Magazine, The New York Post, and  

Doug Brown is the real deal. He helped me vault my practice forward and enjoy years of sustained growth while I digested and practiced all the lessons learned from him. I’m now back working with him on the graduate course to take my practice even further and to help navigate a changing marketplace in my practice area.

Paul Lange | Attorney-At-Law

Walt Hampton, J.D.

Walt Hampton, J.D. is Founder & Chairman of Summit Success, LLC, a global personal and professional development firm. He is an executive coach, law firm management consultant and leadership trainer. He speaks to audiences around the world on marketing, business development and sustainable peak performance.  

He is the best-selling author of Journeys on the Edge: Living a Life That Matters, named a Top 10 Non-Fiction Book and a two-time recipient of the North American Book Awards; as well as the author of The Power Principles of Time Mastery: Do Less, Make More, Have Fun.  

A 1984 graduate of The Cornell Law School, Walt was managing partner of a law firm for nearly 25 years with a practice focused on commercial litigation and criminal defense. He was trained as a Results Coach by Robbins Research International and worked directly for Tony Robbins as one of Tony’s elite business coaches.  

I can't even begin to express what my relationship with Walt has meant to me. He has inspired me to become better at everything that I do. He is someone that we can all look up to in terms of his kindness and generosity of spirit and vitality. He's as close to fully expressed as anyone I have ever met. Walt is a fantastic coach and mentor. He is always available and his advice and tutelage has been not only inspirational but invaluable.

Mike Macniack |Attorney-At-Law